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Adam Bard

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I like to build things. Most of those things happen to be web applications. You can see the showcase at, find me on twitter at, or see my work on Github at


Web Design

14 years

Learned HTML in Grade 7, CSS in Grade 9, and have been doing it ever since.


5 years

I was a PHP developer when I learned about Python. I've never looked back.


3 years

I've done a number of Django projects. Like, this site for instance.



May 2013 - Present Head Developer

Independently developed, a simple solution for building email marketing lists and contacting them via the mail client you already know and ... know, anyhow.

Adam Bard - Web Design

Jan 2007 - Present Freelance Developer

• Independently created, a Django resume-hosting application with LinkedIn integration.

• Performed other contract design and development work for a number of clients.

Later (for Reddit)

Apr 2013 - Present Creator

Independently developed Later (for Reddit), a SaaS business offering post scheduling and other utilities for Reddit.


Jan 2013 - Present Senior Developer

Principally developed dashboards for Cloud Middleman, a new product by Tapstream (React.js, Django), and for Tapstream (Ember.js, Flask). Contributed substantially to development of backend systems (Java, Hadoop, Apache Storm, Jetty, Undertow) for both products.